International Meeting in Groningen

Last Thursday I faced one of the biggest disadvantages of being a board member in an international organization. We had to visit a 4 day long international meeting filled with plenary sessions, meetings and workshops. On top of this we had to eat free dinner, see comedy acts, have a eurodinner with free food and drinks, have a Cantus and have multiple parties. My life is a total hell.

So we set off by train to Groningen and arrived there after 4.5 hours. We immediately checked in to the hostel and joined a city tour. A good time to catch up with ESN members from other cities. After the city tour we went to dinner and a comedy act. Afterwards we had a Neon party were we were supposed to come to in NEON shizzle. Uhm, Epic fail. We therefore had to destroy every body part which was visible (and invisible) with neon-paint in order to fit in with the crowd.

When we woke up the next day we were facing a day filled with meetings and workshops. We arrived too late and therefore missed the speech of the rector Magnificus. This apparently was the highlight of the day. Bummer. After finishing the meetings we had a model UN workshop where I ferociously had to defend the rights of Lithuania. After this battle, we went out to eat before going to a Cantus. The Southern cities normally dominate in giving a good old Cantus and we therefore were curious as to what to expect from it. The Cantus was good, except for the fact that we had to pay an extra amount of money in the middle of it. Why didn’t they just charge us more at the beginning? After the Cantus we explored the city life of Groningen in a pub crawl.

After a small National meeting to discuss some politics concerning our national students we could join the eurodinner. Every country is supposed to bring drinks and food from their own country so that all other nationalities can have a taste. This always comes down to way to many alcohol in comparison to food and this night was no exception. However, the previous nights killed a lot of peoples appetite towards alcohol, including mine. I felt like midgets were playing rugby in my stomach and drinking alcohol seemed to make the little critters more active. I therefore took it easy and only drank responsibly. The government would be proud of me. However, most other people didn’t and it was a pure joy to see people the way people normally see me when I’m out.

The next morning we went to the meetings and joined lunch, before heading towards Maastricht. I didn’t want to take the gamble of never arriving in Maastricht due to the horrific fire in Utrecht. This fire kind of took out all possibilities to travel to Utrecht, which is semi necessary in order to arrive in Maastricht within 5 hours. Luckily, all trains drove normally and we arrived in Maastricht on time. We were a little bit battered but survived this awesome weekend in Groningen.

Update: the final movie is included. Youtube was extremely polite with not blocking the sound for a while. However ze Germans are not able to watch it in Germany, because they blocked it over there. I’m very sorry for this (in case I have German followers). I’ve got a solution for this: you are able to move to the Netherlands :).


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