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Exams are over, let the partying begin.  It is an unwritten law that students go absolutely mad whenever the official exam week is over.  We like to get together during these exciting times and basically party our ass off.  I’m no exception to this and I therefore have a bunch of parties planned for the upcoming week. First of all I went to visit an old friend in the Hague with two mates.  So after my buddy finished his exam at around 7 (mine was already done at 2) we hopped on the train to final destination: party zone. Beforehand we made up all kind of lame (and stupid) things we should do during this weekend in order to come across like a real tourist. Here’s the list:

– Visit Sealife
– Visit Crazy Piano’s
– Visit Binnenhof and Buitenhof
– The-club-which-must-not-be-named
– Visit Schilderswijk
– Visit ADO den Haag stadium
– Visit the beach and swim in the tropical sea
– rent a tandem  and drive it into the sea
– Visit a karaoke bar while being sober and perform a duet with a random person
– Bungee Jump
– Do stuff for the university so we actually do something useful this weekend
– Eat fresh herring with a jagermeister
– Drink a beer during the trainride to the Hague and home
– Visit palace Noordeinde
– Visit Vredespaleis
– Go to Madurodam
– drink a Schevingse trippel
– Play ‘mens erger je niet’ (Ludo) in the train
– Find 50ies bathing suits to make us look retro before we dive into the sea
– Eat clams
– Eat kaassouflee with peanutsaus.

It isn’t that special and a lot of the items on the list were just random thought while we were in a corny mood.So after we arrived in the Hague we immediately went to a bar called ‘Pavlov’ hoping we could score a Scheveningse triple.  The first fail of the weekend was born. After a beer, the tab and  a good laugh at our friend who had to pay 7.50 euro for a pint because he forgot to ask the price of the thing, we took the tram to his place. Because we arrived there at about half past eleven we kind of had to rush in order to catch the last tram to Scheveningen. Whenever I am in the Hague I kind of insist on going to a bar called ‘Crazy Piano’s’.  In this bar artists play the music on their piano’s. This might not sound very spectacular, but once you hear their version of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ you are blown away. They will play every kind of music you can think of, from rock to trance and hip hop. It’s a true recommendation to go there if you plan on visiting Scheveningen.

The evening was a blast which was rather noticeable the morning after.  After we got ourselves together, we set out for our epic quest to do all the stuff from our to-do list. We headed out for Sealife in order to meet my idol for the past three weeks: Crabzilla.

crabzilla When we were brainstorming for things to do in the Hague we visited the site of Sealife. When the site opens a picture of Crabzilla comes streaming down and this made such an impression that I immediately was star struck.  I felt like a three year old during Christmas when I walked through the corridor to the basin where HE was being held.  I entered the area and my big hero kind of did not do a lot. He (not sure about the gender, but I prefer monsters  to be masculine) was easy to spot, but was far from the creature of awesomeness I expected him to be.  He was massive for a crab, but I had other expectations due to the extent to which he was promoted by Sealife. I imagined him to be a monster which would devour anything which would come near him. Actually he was more like the big friendly giant.


We therefore left a bit unsatisfied. The other sea creatures on display were oke to see but didn’t get us very excited, which probably had to do with the Crabzilla deception. However there was an option to raise the adrenaline level: bungee-jump of the pear. We quickly skipped that one when we discovered it would cost us 70 euro. The jump wasn’t that high and we thought it was too much money for that jump. Whenever I will go for a jump I want it to be super extreme and I didn’t get that feeling when I stood in front of the place. So we decided to go to the next goal (the one I dreaded the most): eat fresh herring. These are considered a treat in Holland and it is a typical Dutch thing. To make a long story short: It was AWFUL. The sensation I was feeling can be compared to jumping head first into a swamp with your mouth open. The mixture of my alcoholic cocktail of the previous night with this little fishy was a clash of the titans. Thankfully my stomach handled the situation fairly well and I survived this luxury treat. Below you can find an impression of how I was feeling.


before during

tussen after:

na We then headed to a shopping mall to go to a fun house to destroy some cash while doing games. We cashed the price, a toy car and Spongebob stickers, and decided that it was time to grow up again. We took a tram to the Binnenhof to explore the wonderful world of our government, before we went home for predrinks and some dinner.

Before we knew it we were sitting in a bus towards the city center of the Hague. After we mindlessly wondered through the center in search for a good bar we entered a place called Danzig. There weren’t a lot of people at the time but we decided that it was fine for the time being so we could relax a bit before we could unleash our dance moves.  We order some pints and a tequila shot for my friend because he received a chip for a free shot. The naive boy was lured into the web of a pretty lady who wanted him to become member of the club. He only needed to sing up for free and then he would receive a free shot (and a shitload of spam into his emailaccount). This shot obviously was a special shot of the bar and he therefore still had to pay for his tequila. After a while, our host didn’t feel really well and decided to leave. Because it wasn’t even half past eleven he provided us with the directions home and wished us a good night. We headed back into the club and enjoyed ourselves until the club personnel decided that it was time to tactically remove us from the dance floor because the club was closing.

We headed further into town to search for a place where we could get something to eat. Beer always gets your mind focused on the most terrible midnight snacks. The perfect opportunity to eat the sandwiches ‘kaassoufle with peanutsauce’. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a place which was that retarded to provide us with that , so we took off to find the night trains. This didn’t go down as smooth as I would hope it would to go down, but after some time we found the bus stop.  We were given pretty good directions but still managed to miss our bus stop. We therefore exited the bus one and a half kilometers too late. Thankfully Mr Google provided my telephone with Google maps so we could find our way home again. We traveled back home in a shopping cart we found near the road. Not a good plan of course, because this didn’t work out that good either. If someone accidentally passed us and decided to film it for Youtube and I would add it to my blog, you would laugh your pretty behind off. Thankfully nobody we were aware of taped it, so you have to use your imagination in order to experience what went down that stupid half an hour of my life.

After we woke up Sunday-morning we decided to cancel the remainders of our to-do list due to physical inconveniences.  Two of my mates played a bit of pro evolution soccer while I was watching the final of the European Championship korfball. Don’t ask me why because I frankly just do not agree with that sport, but I won’t go into my motives for that in this blog. We left the Hague at about 4 o’clock and had a blast during the train ride home. Mark slept while I was making an attempt to write this blog and make it sound interesting for you guys. You may decide for yourself whether I succeeded in that mission. The most original comment receives our hard-earned Spongebob stickers.

I will post a video of the trip in about a week. I just don’t have the time to do that this week and plan on doing it in the weekend. I wish you a good first week of block 2.

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  1. Katja
    Katja says:

    Ig blief hie den maar kei ruig t Midden-Limburgs promoten.
    Joep, te lang neet gezeen, maar dit is un maneer det ig nog get dinge van dig kin huure.
    Klinktj werkelijk als un geniaal weekend!
    (Waal jaomer van CRABZILLA! :O)
    Maar we huure en zeen os gauw nog waal uns
    en tot den zal ig als eerste fan diene blog waal volgen om van dig op de heugte te blieve =D


  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Well, what a great report about one EPIC weekend! Unfortunately you just had to report the only weak moment I had on the trip…
    And I still have to write a letter to Sealife that they totally overcommercialised CraPPPzilla!

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